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Paradox Part One

The Center for Family Process is pleased to present this first video excerpt of Dr. Edwin Friedman from our library. In this presentation Dr. Friedman discusses “Paradox in Therapy, Paradox in Life” which shows his thinking about how paradox is built into nature and life itself and how one can harness it to manage self and bring about change in difficult systems. In this lecture to a Bethesda group of therapists and clergy, he demonstrates paradoxical thinking and how it positions one differently in a system. In Dr. Friedman’s view, “paradox is hardly a technique, but the essence of life”.

The video is short but deep and shows Ed Friedman earlier in his practice of therapy as he is putting together his thinking about life and change from his experiences as a rabbi and family therapist. The recording was not done in a studio and has a “home video” quality to it but is clearly a valuable part of the archival work of one of Dr. Bowen’s most creative students.

Please note this excerpt is the introduction to the Paradox presentation and the remainder of this lecture and discussion will be posted in the future.

It is also our plan to show other videos of Dr. Friedman’s works over time on this site and the Center is open to any of your thoughts and feedback on this effort.