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The Center For Family Process Presents:

Leadership in a World Gone Mad: Creating Degrees of Freedom
October 17 and 18, 2016
Conference Program

Monday, October 17 Tuesday, October 18
9:00 Welcome 9:00 Seeing Beyond the Rubble: Expanding Freedom
9:15 Surfs up! Riding the Waves of Resistance Myrna Carpenter, PhD, APRN
Mickie Crimone, MS, APRN 9:30 The First Daughter
9:45 A World Gone Mad (Part I); Ed Friedman Video Shira Friedman Bogart
10:30 Break 10:00 Break
11:00 Play, Spirit and Self: Freedom to Be 10:30 ED IN MY HEAD: Five Friedman Phrases Informing my Life and Work
Rev. Gena Campbell Margaret (Peggy) Treadwell, LICSW
11:30 Questions 11:00 Integrating Opposites: A Twist on "Going the Other Way"
11:45 Lunch John Engels
1:30 Leadership in a Family Gone Mad 11:30 A World Gone Mad (Part II);Ed Friedman Video
Gary Emanuel, Ph.D 12:00 Questions
2:00 The Undifferentiated Self: Settling for Less Than Your Best 12:15 Lunch
Angelo Bolea, Ph.D. 2:00 The Spaciousness of Differentiation: The Wizard of Oz Behind Unexpected Degrees of Freedom
3:00 Break Susan Luff, MS, APRN
3:30 The Role of the Seeker in the System 2:30 Leading from the Back of the Bus: Another Approach to a Family Challenge
Andrea Malony Schara, CSWA Kathy Wiseman, MBA
4:00 Differentiation of Self Leadership 3:00 Break
Anne McKnight, EdD, LCSW, LICSW 3:30 Answering the Call: Living Theory as a Practice
4:30 Presidential Perspectives: Campaigns, Elections and Governance Ann Mugler, LCSW
Edward W. Beal, MD 4:00 Learning to Love that Anxiety
5:00 Questions Rev. Dr. Emlyn Ott, D.Min
Reception 4:30 Questions & Wrap Up
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